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What’s crackin’, homeblog?

It’s been so long since I’ve written here that when I was going to write a new post a couple of months ago, I saw my previous post and totally thought someone had hijacked my blog. Not kidding. I didn’t even remember the article that I had reblogged, and when I was reading it again, I was like… Whoa! THIS IS GOOD! 

And then I was like, Oh, yeah…
That’s why I reblogged it.


So yeah. It’s been awhile! A lot of things have been going on in my life since I last wrote here, and really, a lot has happened since I even started this blog in the first place. Because of a variety of things on my mind and things I’ve experienced over the past few months, I feel like this is an opportune time to look back for a sec and recap some general facts, kind of as a “note from the author” sort of thing and kind of just as a background for anyone who is less familiar with this particular blog (because I have several blogs, and they are all from and for different purposes).


In the beginning…

I created this blog as a stress reliever.

I named it “Rhapsody of Thought,” because I felt like it was the perfect fit for its personality. I still have the original content in the “About” page of this blog, if you are interested to know what my intent was (and kind of still is) for this blog. :)



My situation has changed since July of 2012. I am no longer fresh out of college searching for jobs. However, I have some trying situations in my life to work through that have replaced my previous challenges. Sometimes it even feels worse than that job-searching-fresh-out-of-college stretch felt. As wonderful as it is to have a full-time job now, especially one that I enjoy so much, the biggest disadvantage is that I have way less “free time”–time for doing, not only things I enjoy, but things that I actually need to do…like eat supper. Right now, I have approximately one hour until I need to go to bed. And here I am… eating sugar cookies and writing in this silly ol’ blog.

Depending on which blog I’m working in, the topic I’m writing about, etc., it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an entire three or four hours–sometimes two or three days of that many hours at a time–for me to create an article. Wow! That’s a lot of time, not mention work.

This is about one week of “free time” work:


And this is just one of several things I enjoy doing. There are plenty of other writing projects and things that don’t involve writing at all, that I also spend time with. If the reason I did this was to make other people happy, I’d be a miserable soul.
But I don’t.


So if you’re reading this blog, here are three things you should know:

1. I write here for fun…for people who read for fun.
I don’t mind expressing my beliefs and opinions with anyone, and I enjoy and encourage others to do the same. Along that same vein, I find that the most effective communication happens when all parties involved handle differences and dislikes with respect for each other. When such is the situation, I enjoy discussions of all sorts.

2. My writing is typically assertive with the topic at hand. If it wasn’t, it would be weak, watered down, or sugar-coated, and that’s just poor writing. Writing is where I get real.

3. I have a sense of humor. It’s not better than anyone else’s, and it’s not for everyone, but it’s something a lot of people might not be aware of about me. I’m generally a nice, easy-going kind of person, but I’m not a piece of cotton candy. Sometimes I’m a sarcastic little smarty pants. ;)

Have you ever seen Spongebob Squarepants?

It’s probably the most annoying show I’ve seen since it came out when I was in about fifth grade. But you know what I have actually always liked about it?


Squid to the ward.

Squidward is the only character who makes any of the other characters funny to me, and when I say “any of the other characters,” I really just mean Patrick. It’s like every demotivational quote I’ve ever heard and poster I’ve seen lives through Squidward. Yes, he is super weird, as is everyone else, but I couldn’t have watched that show without him.

Stupidity + pessimistic comic relief = much laughing for Hannah


Okay. Moving along now.

Starting soon, I’m hoping to post more frequently in this blog. I’m in the middle of dealing with some big personal things in my life and might not even be present much on any of the social media outlets I use for a while, but this blog will be my primary source for sharing the stuff that floats my boat. It will basically be the same kind of blog it has always been, but maybe with more about me personally so my friends can keep up with what is generally going on in my life.

So there you have it! My blog and me in a nutshell. :)


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  1. Yvette ⋅

    Looking forward to reading your posts :)

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